FREE resources!

1. A very useful Section 504 model plan that includes the new ADAA.

2.  Picture Trust-based special education!

3.  Miriam’s Pyramid of Laws

4.  Running the bases to determine if an impairment is an educational disability

5.  A nifty and practical ONE-PAGE definition of FAPE in Section 504

6.  A nifty and practical ONE-PAGE definition of IDEA and MA FAPE

7.  FREE Stickers! FREE with book orders. Or, send prepaid envelope to School Law Pro at PO Box 960515, Boston MA 02196–and we will be happy to send a selection to you.    These vinyl stickers are 5.5 x 1.75 inches.  They are beautiful! They make the message stick!

Sticker #1: It’s the RELATIONSHIP!

Sticker #2: Better-regular-ed=Fewer IEPs/504 Plans!

Sticker #3: Experts-R-Us!

Sticker #4: If it’s not in writing, it did not happen!

Sticker #5: No good deed goes unpunished!

Sticker #6: Accommodation does not equal Modification

8.  Fixing Special Education. Some great ideas here–the way things are and the way they should be.  Discussion and action starters!  Check it out!

9. Beware of the ‘Goldilocks Conundrum!’

10. Proving progress checklist

11. How to Understand FAPE in Massachusetts and How to Prove that the IEP provides it