Old News:


December 2, 2005: First annual Special Education Day. An afternoon of celebration and dialogue about the past, present, and future of Special Ed. What was the state of special education when President Ford signed the first law 30 years ago? And where do we need to be in the next 30 years? For information, visit the website: specialeducationday.com

November 30th, 2005: Miriam and colleague's article "Happy Birthday, Special Education" appears in Education Week.

April 2005 : Miriam's new book, Grades, Report Cards, etc….and the Law is published. For information, email Miriam or download order form. The book is already a big hit.

Spring 2005: Miriam's book, Student Testing and the Law is published by LRP Publications. For information, email to www.lrp.com .

November 2004: Miriam's article, “NCLB Testing Requirements — What about Students with Disabilities,” appears in Inquiry and Analysis , NSBA Council of School Attorneys.

December, 2004: Miriam's "Meeting NCLB's Mandates: Your Quick-Reference Guide to Assessments and Accountability," published by LRP Publications, Horsham, PA. www.lrp.com .

7/5/04: Miriam's essay, "The Fight for High Standards," appears in the Hoover Digest (Summer 2004 issue.) Check out www.hooverdigest.com

7/5/04: Miriam's essay, "Balancing the Needs of Regular and Special Education Students", wins runner up in Pioneer Institute's Better Government Competion.

Miriam is a visiting fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution (From Jan - March)

Massachusetts DOE publishes guidance for schools on college entrance testing.

Miriam's article, "Disabling the SAT", is published in the fall issue of Education Next

8/13/03: SchoolLawPro.com launched.