The New York Times ran a story yesterday about the fact that, for now,  higher college tuition rates seem to be paired with the current increases in student aid through Pell Grants (federal) and other moneys.

My question–how many of the students who receive Pell Grants are students with intellectual disabilities who are now, under federal incentives, being encouraged to attend college and who are eligible for these grants. Does anyone have data on that?

China ‘school buses.’

My loyal readers may have noticed that I’ve been AWOL–no posting since early October. In part, this was because I traveled to China, fulfilling my long-held dream. It was as fascinating and fun and fabulous as I had hoped.

In part of the tour, we went up the mountain to Ping An, a small village surrounded by rice paddies. Totally beautiful and traditional–very very different from the cities like Beijing and Shanghai. 

In Ping An, we visited a nursery school/kindergarten. And the scene that has stayed with me is the mothers (or sisters or grandmothers) who wait by the gate of the school to take their child him.  They put the child on their back and head off to home. That is the school bus. Very cozy, very heavy, very different from our experience, where parents may wait in their cars or kids go to school on the bus.

More to come!