There seems to be growing support for ‘ ability’ grouping. I’d much rather it be called ‘performance grouping.’ How is the child performing now! What are the next steps for that child based on current performance (not some notion of ability or potential).
This practice–whatever we call it– is resurging.  As a former teacher and parent, I believe we should be doing more –rather than less–of this.
Thus, I was happy to see these articles in the NY Tiimes. I’d call it ‘performance grouping.’ I believe we should be doing more of it to meet children’s needs wherever they are based on current performance.

As loyal readers know, the AASA (American Association of School Administrators) recently wrote a report on reforming special education due process.   I believe they did a great public services in doing so–bringing this issue forward.  It’s generated some controversy and discussion.

It’s been amazing to see the AASA cite our Massachusetts dispute resolution option–based on a jointly selected consultant–SpedEx, as a model going forward!   We in Massachusetts have had success with SpedEx and do believe it could serve as  a model nationwide.

However, there are differences between the AASA version and SpedEx. The major difference, in my view, is that SpedEx is voluntary for schools and parents and that parties do NOT waive any of their due process rights.  See  EdSource below!

Let’s keep this important discussion going. Surely together we can build a better system for schools, parents, and students!