There’s no doubt. We’re all going through tough times across our country and world. Of course we’ll get through it — but it’s tough going. And while we’re going through it, what do people do? — cooped up at home. Puzzles? Write a book? Clean a closet? Contact friends and family on Skype or ZOOM. All good ideas.

Here’s my partial solution. Art! And, I dare say, I hope it brings a smile to your face. IF these pieces do that, they’ve done their job.

Yes, medicine bottle art! In my home these days, there are so many bottles — of all sizes, colors, and shapes. And my friends contribute theirs. I have lots of empty (and pretty, as I see it) medicine bottles. And here’s some of what I’ve done with them.

Here’s a vase in both the regular colors with those orange medicine bottles and in black and white. And, here’s the “Welcome to the City of Health,” and a close up of the people sitting in the park in the City of Health! Wish we could do that these days.

Our friend Dave Wilson took the photos. Thanks, Dave! Much appreciated.

Medicine bottles on driftwood
The closeup — relaxing at the park in the City of Health!

Enjoy them. And I do hope they brings a smile to your face! I have lots more and will share them in a future post.

We’ll get through this. Let’s also get creative! And keep on smiling.

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