• California grandmother:
    “If anyone asks you about this book, I can recommend it. My children used it as a powerful tool in helping them get their first California grandmother, “If any parents want to know about this book and whether it is helpful, I can personally IEP for their child.”
  • Kentucky mom:
    “Miriam, many thanks for the IEP Team Meetings book. The layout, the simplicity, and the explanations were all great! Your book helped us achieve a better IEP for our daughter.”
  • Massachusetts special education director:
    “I attended your seminar yesterday and got this book. I have to tell you, I am LOVING your little orange book. I read it last night. I cannot fully express what a find it is for me. I want to buy it for my entire staff and all the administrators. It is informative, it cuts to the chase, and it’s entertaining!!! Who would ever think a book about special education law could be funny! Really, I was talking about it all day today at another conference I went to! I really do want to order more than 35 of your little orange books. I ‘d like to keep some on my shelf for parents too!”

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