Special Education 2.0




Breaking Taboos to Build a NEW Education Law (2017) 

This courageous book breaks out of the special-education reform mold. Instead of merely recommending fixes and tweaks for the current system—that have been tried without success—it dares to propose an innovative, second generation law for all students, general and special education. Specifically, it proposes five Directions that create a dynamic blueprint for a new inclusive and optimistic law for all students.

This book targets those of us — in public education and in Washington — who believe that we can do far better for all students—general and special education—than current laws allow.  It highlights challenges that schools, educators, parents, and students face in today’s dysfunctional 40-year-old special education system and proposes five NEW taboo-shattering (yet common sense) directions for the next-generation law.

Readers are invited to join in, open an honest national conversation without the taboos that thwart innovation –and think BIG, and dream aloud. Together, let us ask—WHAT IF?

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