At last! Here is is. NAEP’s new policy.

(NAEP’s NEW accommodation and exclusion policy for students with disabilities and English language learners)

Let’s hope it is implemented consistently and leads to valid results on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the ‘nation’s report card.’

As a member of the expert panel for students with disabilities, I am gratified that the work is nearing completion. This new policy will lead to consistent results and is consistent with students’ Individualized Education Programs.

(Too many students labeled). This article summarizes a recent analysis of the Pittsburgh Public Schools special education programs.

Even as progress and promise in its special education programming are highlighted and acknowledged, the report leaves us with troubling questions about labeling students. The Council of the Great City Schools report can be found at (Great City Schools report on Pittsburgh special education)

The numbers are troubling…
18.2% of all students are labeled for special education.
16.9% of special ed students are labeled as ’emotionally disturbed.’
Of these,black students are three times as likely to be labeled than white students. Recall that old story (2005) in the New York Times, “Special Education Seen as a Trap for Many Minority Students.”

According to the report, too many teachers and staff members are still using special education as an escape hatch when students have learning or behavior issues.

Whither true reform and transformation in our special education system?

As you may remember, I was interviewed by before New Year about my new book, Fixing Special Education–12 Steps to Transform a Broken System.

It’s time to celebrate what’s right and fix what’s wrong.

Well, that interview/commentary became the ‘most commented’ and ‘most popular’ for several months! That positive response was awesome! I do believe this discussion gives voice to many folks who have been silent, even as they know the system is broken.

So, today the follow-up interview was published! I hope that in shedding light on our broken system, we will be moved to work together to fix it. Let’s celebrate what’s right and fix what’s wrong! (Second interview)

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