Overheard at the playground.

Again, I’m sorry for the lapse in blogging.

What have I been up to? Actually, I’m of counsel at my lawfirm and have more time to ruminate, clean out my office, write, agitate for reforms, speak, and remain active. I can also take more time to see and observe stuff and spend as much time as possible with my little granddaughter. Life is good.

So today, I walked through a playground on my way to work. It was around noontime and one of the teachers was ‘dragging’ her little charges along out of the playground…

“We need to have lunch. Let’s go.” All said in a monotone.

I was saddened for the little ones. When did having lunch become a job? And glad that my granddaughter was not in that program. How about a bright, “It’s time for lunch!” or “Let’s have lunch.” Or….

Or am I off base here? Do you get what I heard?