• The podcast at NAGB, discussing testing students with disabilities and English language learners

    Panel IV: Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners -- Play Audio Podcast(mp3 44.4 mb), Running Time: 49 minutesDaniel Domenech: Executive Director, American Association of School AdministratorsMiriam Freedman: Attorney and AuthorSharif Shakrani: Professor, Michigan State UniversityMartha Thurlow: Director, National Center on Educational Outcomes(moderator) Mary Blanton: Attorney
  • Panel IV: Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners -- Play Audio Podcast (mp3 44.4 mb), Running Time: 49 minutes Daniel Domenech: Executive Director, American Association of School Administrators Miriam Freedman: Attorney and Author Sharif Shakrani: Professor, Michigan State University Martha Thurlow: Director, National Center on Educational Outcomes (moderator) Mary Blanton: Attorney
  • The 4’Rs! Let’s add RESILIENCY!

    Reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic and RESILIENCY!That word, resiliency, has popped up in many conversations recently. In following my ears, I'm wondering how we foster resiliency in our students.What are we doing to help students be resilient--to overcome difficulty; to see the sun on the other side; to become active learners; to move from "victim to victor" per Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D., book, "Come on People." See earlier blog on that one!I Googled "resiliency in children." Check [...]
  • Thought you’d like to see the NAGB program!

    It's at http://www.nagb.org/who-we-are/20-anniversary/NAGB-Program7.pdf.It reads a bit like the 'who's who of education policy issues.At the celebratory dinner, we were greeted by three Secretaries of Education: Arne Duncan, Margaret Spelling, and Rod Paige. As well, former Secretary Riley keynoted. A star-studded evening, for those of us in this ed 'biz.'
  • Public Comments Posted: www.nagb.org/newsroom/release/comments.htm

    Another bit of news from the National Assessment Governing Board. Public comments, including those by me, are now posted on line: www.nagb.org/newsroom/release/comments.htm.Enjoy! Share your comments!
  • Just got back from NAGB 20th Anniversary Conference. www.nagb.org

    Dear friends of education,I just got back from Washington DC, where I had the opportunity to participate on a panel at the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) 20th Anniversary Conference. Check it out at www.nagb.org. The conference dealt with the nation's test, often called The Nation's Report Card, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).Once on the site, www.nagb.org, go to "The Governing Board Commemorates 20 Years." There, you can click on "Conference Papers" [...]
  • Excellent new report from the PPIC–www.ppic.org

    I just read Stephen Lipscomb's new report (January 2009), "Students with Disabilities and California's Special Education Program," found it very useful, and wanted to share it with you. Research support was provided by Karina Jaquet.The report discusses both programming and funding for special education in California. One thing I really like about it is that the report clearly separates out the (a) costs for special education from the (b) costs of educating students with disabilities--as [...]
  • Legal Digest now carries my little books of laws!

    Friends and colleagues--I thought you'd like to know that my little books of laws--Grades, Report Cards, Etc...and the Law, andIEP and Section 504 Team Meetings... and the Laware now also available through the Legal Digest. Check it out! www.legaldigest.com.You might find other books and products of interest to you. Of course, you can also buy them directly through School Law Pro. www.schoollawpro.com
  • Hot off the press! The OBAMA Education Plan

    Great news! Hot off the press!Miriam's advice (along with 23 other experts) to President Obama is included in Education Week's new book, The OBAMA Education Plan: An Education Week Guide. Published by Jossey-Bass, http://www.josseybass.com/. More information can be obtained also at http://www.edweek.org/ and http://www.epe.org/.She's among quite a heady crowd, as experts include our new Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, Wendy Kopp, Phillip Howard, Mike Feinberg, Rick Hanushek, Andrew [...]
  • Life without Lawyers cites Miriam’s little books of laws!

    Philip K. Howard's provocative new book is thought-provoking and excellent. Life without Lawyers: Liberating Americans from Too Much Law. www.lifewithoutlawyers.com.For those of us interested in reforming education--and specifically, special education, it has great insight. Imagine my delight to see among Mr. Howard's references my little book of law about grades and report cards! Grades, Report Cards, Etc.... and the Law. Available at www.schoollawpro.com.Mr. Howard has started a [...]