• We’re overmedicating our children!

    As a school attorney I believe this to be true. As a parent, as well. And you? I suspect you believe it also. Here's a Wall Street Journal op-ed by a psycholanalyst.... on this very vital issue. https://www.wsj.com/articles/were-overmedicating-our-children-11551917025?mod=MorningEditorialReport&mod=&mod=djemMER_h I am a concerned observer-- not an expert-- in this field. What is also concerning as well is the long term effects on these children (mostly boys) who grow up.. Where do [...]
  • My letter to Ed Week, responding to its 10 BIG IDEAS discussion of special ed

    Education Week LETTER Let's Have a National Discussion February 12, 2019 To the Editor: "Special Education's Future," one of Education Week's 10 Big Ideas (January 9, 2019), suggests that the broken special education system is flawed in many ways, including issues with "child find," eligibility labels, response to intervention, funding, and more. I hope the article spurs a national conversation and true systemic change for all students—disabled and not. The article raises [...]
  • Here’s a good and practical piece about teaching students who struggle with reading

    The big question he asks is whether schools will do what's needed. That's the provocative question that my colleague, Kalman R. "Buzzy" Hettelman puts out there for us all. The message is: The earlier the intervention the better. https://edexcellence.net/articles/heres-where-the-education-reform-devilish-details-on-classroom-practice-should-start It's a good provocative read. His forthcoming book, Mislabeled as Disabled, focuses on the children who are not well served and do not [...]
  • New title for Medium.com piece!

    https://medium.com/@miriamkfreedman/ah-those-sats-and-acts-and-the-story-that-just-wont-disappear-58e0daf1f198 Just to let you knw, I changed the title for the Medium.com piece--to make it more about the SATs and ACTs and all students--not just those who use accommodations. I hope you'll check it out and give it a thumbs up. Your thoughts? How should this story end?
  • Yeah! “Special Education’s Future”–a great read in Education Week.

    Here’s a great way to start the new year! An excellent article by Christina A. Samuels, "Special Education's Future" in Education Week. https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2019/01/09/special-education-is-broken.html I hope it helps us gain momentum for a national conversation to fix all that’s broken in special education. The article gave me many "aha" moments as it sounds like what I've been writing for many years and what's in my recent book, Special Education 2.0--Breaking Taboos to [...]
  • At last–let’s admit that teaching real stuff matters a lot!

    https://www.joannejacobs.com/2019/01/to-reduce-inequality-teach-knowledge/#comment-228187 Here's a great article to start 2019. Thanks you, Joanne. Teaching real information and skills matters--especially for students who don't get "enrichment" at home. Yet, our current education fads steer us in the wrong direction--e.g., no need to teach phonics, no need to teach facts (they can look it up in Google), no need to know the number facts, no need to memorize poetry, no need for the [...]
  • The (only real and effective) RADICAL way to fix public schools

    https://medium.com/@miriamkfreedman/the-radical-way-to-fix-public-schools-55768fc12308 Here's the solution. It first appeared in the TABs near Boston years ago. Then, in educationnews.org in 2011 and now in Medium.com. Crazy? For sure but what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let's talk! The radical way to fix public schools! If we are really serious about fixing/improving/rebuilding public schools, there is one way to do just that! It is the single, quickest, and most [...]
  • https://www.joannejacobs.com/2018/12/college-for-all-cheats-most-students/

    College for all? It's not working. We spend much on those heading to college and far too little on those who are not. Our balance is way off. An important read. Thanks for raising this important issue---that needs to be raised over and over again. It's about time that we question the colleg-for-all mantra that has dominated public education. Ultimately, we can fairly ask who that mantra serves? The colleges or students? Instead, we should focus on what works for different [...]
  • Miriam’s best wishes for happy holidays, happy reading, and happy reform in 2019!

    Dear friends and colleagues, Happy holidays! I hope your holidays are joyous with family and friends and that we’ll share a wonderful new year of peace, prosperity, and meaningful education reforms. I’m staying put in California—if you make it to the Bay Area, let me know. It’s a good time to review the work year and raise hopes for the new. Yes, I know we’re all super busy now but just maybe, maybe you’ll enjoy collecting reading ideas for the end-of-year break. With that [...]
  • Check out Medium.com’s Happy Birthday Special Education–It’s time for a REAL redo!

    Here's the link....https://medium.com/@miriamkfreedman/happy-birthday-special-education-its-time-for-a-real-redo-d541867d5fb2 And here'sthe post. On December 2, 1975—43 years ago, President Gerald Ford signed the special education law to end the exclusion of students with disabilities from schools. The law succeeded, even beyond its mission. We now educate all students with disabilities—some 6+ million—almost 14% of all students, while the law planned for 10% of students. Schools have [...]