Grading, Reporting, Graudating… and the Law


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(Third edition, 2010; reprinted in 2016).  This popular little book provides practical guidance for educators and parents—

This is the ever popular little “flipbook of law.”  It includes more cases, OCR guidance, and as always, “The Goldilocks Conundrum.”

In this standards-based era, the little book is full of practical guidance for educators and parents for all students—including students with disabilities on—

  • Grades and report cards
  • Honors
  • Class rank and GPAs
  • Diplomas, transcripts, and graduation

Readers will learn how to—

  • handle the legal requirements for grading, report cards, etc. all students.
  • know and immediately apply the key difference between accommodations and modifications.
  • Work with confidence with all students and, in particular, students with disabilities.

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