We all talk about getting out of our silos–everyone doing his/her own thing in public schools. Instead, we talk about joining forces–among all the various professions and experts.

Well, here’s a hotel that did this literally. 36 silos were brought together and created a beautiful luxury hotel in Akron Ohio. I have not seen it yet, but hope to before too long.

(36 silos pulled together to form luxury hotel in Akron Ohio!)

Let’s join forces in public schools–teachers, administrators, parents, students, and others–to improve teaching and learning and create a luxury public education system!

You’ve got to be kidding me. But no, students in a U.S. school were told to go home because they had t-shirts on with an American flag on cinco de mayo. As an immigrant, http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/05/06/california-students-sent-home-wearing-flags-cinco-mayo/>(Students told to go home for wearing American flag t-shirts to school)

As an immigrant,I am truly scratching my head. Where did commonsense go? Since when can’t kids wear American flag t-shirts? Since when did free speech evaporate?

Within 48 hours, of course, cooler heads prevailed and the assistant principal’s order was voided by the school superintendent. But the lesson was learned–educators took their eye off common sense, education, the public good, and other realities that should be front and center for our schools Case closed, we hope.

The bigger picture is that this is but another example of our education leaders not their eye on the prize, not focused on the goal of teaching and learning, taking sides among student groups, etc. The goal should be education. Where did that go?

And, of course, this brings me back to special education and how it is broken. Why? Because, here too, we have lost sight of the goal–teaching and learning for all students. Instead, we saddle schools with rules, regulations, lawsuits, fear, lack of trust, etc.–that truly have nothing to do with teaching and learning. And we get further from the goal that would serve us all.

Let’s hope the t-shirts can lead the way back to common sense.

(Virtual schools coming to Greenfield Massachusetts)

You gotta love the marketplace and love American innovation! If there’s a problem, someone will come along and fix it. If schools don’t or won’t or can’t or whatever.. meet the needs of students,then go out and create a system that might meet the needs of different students. Thus we try charters, ‘choice,’ vouchers, private, home, special ed, GED, early college, drop out prevention, gifted and talented, tutoring, and lots of other options. Many options. The schools, called ‘brick and mortar’ with all the issues they have….are no longer the only way to go. And here’s the latest. Attend school on line! Wow. Who would have thought that this is where the push to neighborhood and universal schools would take us…

Of course, we don’t know how far this innovation will or can go. But we do know that schools are not meeting the needs of all students and that something(s) have to change…. So, good luck!