And no standing ovation at the play? Or an evening of appreciation at the community action efforts. I do not buy it.

Should high schools stop honoring students with awards at graduation? We knew this was coming–everyone is the same and no one should be compared to others….. Well, OK, then, no honors for football, band participation, being the star in the school play, tutoring children in local schools, doing environmental cleanup. Etc. We are all the same. I do not agree.

There is a time and place for various activities and for demonstrating appreciation for them by the greater community. Graduation is the time to honor academic achievement and partipation in the life of the school.

The story apparently started with a parent whose child’s name on the list of high school graduates was between two students who had icons next to their names for specific honors–one the valedictorian and one headed to an Ivy League college. Her child just had the name on the list. Therefore, we are asked to stop schools from honoring student achievement at the highest levels. We are asked to just honor all students for getting through high school. I disagree. Since when do we want to change policies based on comparing one student with another? Since when do we want to limit achievement to the lowest common denominatory? Since when do we want to create a false sense of comfort and ‘self esteem?’ Since when do we want to pretend that competition does not exist in our world? What is helplful about that? I don’t get it.

Check out the article for yourself.

(No honors at graduation?)