• My new PayPal account! Still learning the ropes.

    Thanks for visiting my website. Here's the Picasa link to the road sign collection. https://picasaweb.google.com/111922357335807924669/ChildrenGoingToSchoolRoadSignsFromAroundTheWorld. You may have to cut and paste it... If you are interested in buying the greeting cards on line, here is the PayPal account:  http:/tinyurl.com/awwydzh. You may have to cut and paste this also, for now. I hope you can use it. Let me know if there are issues. I'm still learning the ropes on this!    
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin, How about a Milner Prize to fix special education?

    This is exciting!  Silicon Valley entrepreneurs (the chief executive of Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg, and the co-founder of Google, Mr. Brin) have  teamed up with investor Yuri Milner to create a new prize to spur innovation. Called the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, it provides $3M to each of a  group of 11 scientists to spur breakthrough discoveries.  Here's the Wall Street Journal article about it. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323549204578315480875059390.html HMMM.  [...]
  • Signs, Letreros, Hyoushiki–children crossing signs from around the world!

    Check out the ROAD SIGNS exhibit at the Boston Children's Museum--February 15 to March 17! Signs, Letreros, Hyoushiki .... This exhibit features my collection of road signs of children going to school around the world. Japan, Mexico, China, Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, etc. etc. Check out the entire collection online. As I mentioned in an earlier blog about my mother (December 18), I think these signs are fantastic. Artistic and colorful--in basic red, yellow [...]
  • Early language is key. We have known this. Here’s more research…

    Children who come to school with a small vocabulary are already behind. Beore day one. We have known this for a long time... In fact, I remember how startled I was when I first learned of this gap. See, e.g., the 2003 longitudinal studies by Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley, showing that by age 3, youngsters from language rich (generally well-to-do) families have a working vocabulary of 1116 words, children from working class families have a 749 word vocabulary, and children from [...]
  • Great story about fixing schools… the old fashioned way

    Happy Sunday! I enjoyed reading this review of the Union City schools in New Jersey. "The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools." It's step by step focus by all--administration, teachers, students, parents--on results, starting in early childhood. It's not about firing bad teachers or getting charter schools. It's an amazing story of success. Congratulations to the hard workers in Union City, New Jersey! As someone who grew up in Flemington, New Jersey, this story makes me proud to have grown [...]
  • OCR’s new letter on students with disabilities in sports.

    An OK letter in some ways and very troubling in many others. OK? In many ways this "letter to colleagues" states the current practice--as schools have successfully been including students with disabilities in sports programs for many, many years. [NOTE that much of OCR's regulations and letters, including parts of this letter reach far beyond the law, Section 504. More on this in a later blog]. Interestingly, this 'directive' or 'ruling' as headlines proclaim, came in the form of a [...]
  • Here I am at the airport… with a three hour delay, so…

    So, I started to surf the net... as we tend to do at these rather frustrating times... And, lucky me, I came upon this blog--Coming of Age in the Middle. I loved it! Maybe this plane delay was meant to happen? . This teacher, Jessica Lahey, writes that she teaches 'stuff,' real stuff. She doesn't just work to create a comfortable and safe place where students might get to the 'stuff.' She's more direct and focused. While the piece may exaggerate teaching modes a bit, it hits the mark. [...]
  • Dear Abby is gone–truly the end of an era

    Many of us grew up with Dear Abby. She was the voice of common sense--with great humor and an acerbic tone. Always fun to read. Always a twist of cleverness and wisdom. I will miss her, even as she has not been writing for quite a while. The obit cited here is fun to read. What a life story she had! Enjoy!
  • Charters have 2.6 million students; special education has 6 million students. Now what?

    Today when driving around the bay area in California, I heard a radio news report that got me thinking. California is leading the nation with the number of charter schools--now up to 1000. Nationwide, the report indicated that there are 6000 charter schools, with 2.6 million students. That is viewed as growth by the charter school reformers and hats off to them. But, it left me with a question: anyone who reads about education reforms these days knows of the huge effort toward 'choice,' [...]
  • A very important discussion about charter school expulsions.

    This discussion is long overdue. I urge you to read these articles. Which of these bad things is worse? Expelling students for misbehaving or ignoring the education of their peers by allowing misbehaviors to distract from school learning? We need to discuss this. I side on the side of students who come to school to learn... and the side that suggests we create alternative schools for disruptive students. We need equity for all students. What do you think? Worth reading and [...]