I’m doing an informal piece about the buzz word of the day, trust. Everyday in our papers and on the radio and the web, we see stories about the lack of trust in one arena or another.


Teachers, unions and districts don’t trust each other.

People’s trust in the media is at a low level.
(trust in media at low level) “Trust is the Number 1 thing we are thinking about,” says a Vice President and a senior editor at CNN. This story was also reported on Vermont Public Radio (Lack of trust in media)

People don’t trust the government.

Parents and districts in special education disputes lack trust.

In President Reagan’s day, it was “Trust but verify.” Now, we seem to be onto “Can’t trust, so fight.” Our nation cannot stay on this course–it is dangerous, divisive, and totally unproductive. What shall we do?

My dear readers, if you have other examples or solutions, please send them along.

In my univere, I am working to promote ‘trust based special education.’ Your thoughts?

About Miriam

Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, JD, MA—an expert in public education, focused on special education law— is a lawyer, author, speaker, consultant, and reformer. For more than 35 years, Miriam worked with educators, parents, policy makers, and citizens to translate complex legalese into plain English and focus on good practices for children. Now, she focuses her passion on reforming special education, with her new book, Special Education 2.0—Breaking Taboos to Build a NEW Education Law. Presentations include those at the AASA Conference, Orange County (CA), Boston College (MA), CADRE (OR), and the Fordham Institute (DC). Her writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Education Week, Education Next, Hoover Digest, The University of Chicago Law Review on line,, and The Atlantic Monthly on line.

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