Overheard at Subway

I love Subway sandwiches–especially the tuna with everything on it except onions and green pepper.

So, I walked into the Subway at the student union at Stanford.

I say to young man at cash register. “Wow you are always busy.”

“You should have seen it 30 minutes ago, ” he replied, pointing to the door. “The line was out to there.”

“Well, you have a good product.”

He, with a big smile. “You gotta eat fresh!”

I was so impressed! He got the company message. “You gotta eat fresh.”

Subway must be doing something very well.

And, of course, I thought of our schools providing special education. How about training staff to say–with a big smile, “We proudly work with you to provide your child with a free appropriate public education (FAPE)?”

–with a hat off to Starbucks. Have you noticed those coffee kiosks at hotels? “We proudly serve Starbucks coffee.”

HMMM. We proudly (or gladly or joyfully or consistently or competently or –pick your adjective… provide your child with a FAPE.”

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