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The New York Post reports this tale….

The high school ‘graduate’ with a diagnosed learning disability who has 2nd grade reading skills, got a high school diploma. He ‘passed’ the tests for graduation.

How did he do that? Well, on the fifth try, someone read the reading test to him (though testing rules did not allow it) so he ‘passed.’

Note that in some states, including Massachusetts, reading tests CAN be read to students!

Surely a case of testing and standards and accommodations gone awry…

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Fixing Special Education–12 Steps to Transform a Broken System, balances the tale of special education’s success with 12 steps to transform it for the 21st century.

I hope you find it thought provoking–let’s start that national frank and open conversation! Let’s get that transformation underway. It is time!

Thank you, thank you, Meet the Press, for bringing together Arne Duncan, Newt Gingrich, and Al Sharpton to discuss education. It was a very powerful, positive, and uplifting show. Takeaways? It’s all about results–we have a results problem. All of us need to move outside our comfort zones and focus on children, not adults. Schooling is our 21st century civil right. Parents need to work as partners with schools, not fight with them. And on it went. Fantastic.

If you missed it, it’s today, November 15 Meet the Press: http.//

To put it all in context, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has 4.5 billion dollars to spend on excellent programs and proposals that focus on results… in the “Race to the Top” funds. Let us wish them all well.

But consider that he also will spend 12 billion dollars in ADDITIONAL funds for special education–even while that system is still input, not outcome, driven, and fully needs reform.

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