Steve Jobs


It’s amazing how personal his death is to so many of us
around the world. Really amazing.


I never met him but I’m one of millions who loves his story
and his inventions and feels the loss. I also loved seeing his house in Palo Alto that I walked
past several times. It’s not too big—looks like a French country home with
lots of olive trees around it, as I recall. Back to inventions…. I finally
broke down and bought an iPhone and love to text my kids and get photos! It has
enriched my days….


His passing reminds me of one of my favorite stories of my
mother and nephew, when he was a little boy. 
She would pick them up from school once a week. One day, he was hungry
and wanted to eat something. My mom told him she had an apple in her purse. He
rummaged through it but came up empty. She looked and sure enough there was a
nice green apple.. but he said, ” I was looking for an Apple!!”
She–of a different generation–had no clue! It was all so new then.


Steve Jobs changed our world, and even our language. He will
be missed.