Most recommended!

How great is that. “Have SAT accommodations gone too far?” is the MOST RECOMMENDED piece in today’s Education Week. It has garnered 13 comments! Thank you all. Check it out and keep reading, sharing, writing. Thanks so much.

The comments are fascinating. I wrote the piece because I’m concerned that we are losing the purpose of the test. Why do we have an SAT? What is the WHAT of the SAT: What is being measured. I hope the College Board finally clarifies this. Once we know what the WHAT is, we can figure out how it should be administered. I was glad to see that several commenters focused on the WHAT. Thank you.

Now to the WHO. We need to know the WHAT before we can decide how to test the WHO. My piece was not about the WHO. Yet, several commenters wrote about that.

Clearly there’s more work to be done to clarify the WHAT and the WHO so we can get back to valid testing.

I invite you to read this piece. It’s excellent–and tracks several ideas and proposals in my book. Marc Tucker comes at the issue from a data perspective and international comparisons. He asks if we are really helping kids learn or just labeling them with a disability and setting up systems that, sadly, don’t get the job done. He’s the executive director of NCEE and a blogger at Education Week. Check out

I come at the issue–as some of you, my loyal readers know–from the legal perspective. The issue is the legal system we’ve set up that ultimately, gets in the way of helping all students learn. That is my view. It’s been successful in getting all students to school and we now need a second generation law for all students.

These two pieces go hand in hand and lead me to believe that the times they are a’changin!