Finally, I’m beginning to detect a ‘movement.’ An honest view of what we need in schools besides good teachers. Here’s Thomas Friedman’s op-ed in the matter. We need good parents. While this discussion may be late to the party, it’s good that we are finally here.

Good parents, apparently, read to their children and talk with their children about school and encourage their children in their school work. So says, Thomas Friedman in his New York Times op-ed. All that is probably true, though I was not much of a story reader to my children and they seem to have thrived anyway…

There’s so much to parenting—feeding, clothing, enjoying, discussing, and putting children to bed at a reasonable hour. I don’t forget that principal of an excellent elementary school I visited. Yes, she said, the teachers are good, the school is nice, the children study, and all that works, but, “If only I could get the moms to put their children to bed at night.”

Tired children don’t do well in learning. Yes, that, too, is the role of good parents.

Mr. Friedman et al, welcome to the party!