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Let’s hope that this piece, and the recent ones in The Atlantic piece) by Chris Borreca and me helps move the national discussion on reforming special education forward.

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Happy Memorial Day.


This is it. Teacher appreciation week. Here’s Charles Blow’s wonderful op-ed appreciation of his best teacher, his mother. I would add my mother to that list. She taught me so much–to be positive; to work hard; to expect to succeed; to be happy; to take life on, even when it’s hard–as we dealt with my father’s early death and had to move to three different countries–finally moving to New Jersey when I was in fourth grade. There, I will always remember my teacher, Mrs. Jones–who taught me math and history and science and English (long before pull outs or ESL or bilinigual education) by including me in everything and expecting me to learn English quickly. I did. I am forever grateful to her and to all the teachers I had. Most — by far–were wonderful.

As Mr. Blow write, it’s long past time for us to honor our teachers and stop blaming or demonizing them. Let us get that message before it’s too late for all of our students.

4 common sense proposals for special education reform

Hello again. My piece has garnered many, many comments, including some excellent discussion starters. That was my hope–to get special education reform on the front burner of education reform. Let’s hope that’s happening. Here’s a beginning…I’ll be on a Los Angeles public radio station this morning, as a result. So, let’s see how the conversation evolves. Here’s the link again in case you wish to revisit. Onward and upward!