In this PANDEMIC, let’s be honest — sometimes ART can bring a smile to our faces. How about, medicine bottle art! I hope it brings you a smile!

During this pandemic, we need to be creative! Alas, during this pandemic, we also accumulate many medicine bottles — both at home and among my friends and colleagues. Since I like to “make lemonade out of lemons”, I set out to create Medicine Bottle COVID Art! Walks on the beach in Half Moon Bay give me the shells — whole and broken, driftwood, and the silver dollars you see in these pieces. And walks on the streets give me nuts and bolts and assorted treasures. Check them out in these Medicine Bottle COVID Art pieces.

I’d love to hear what you think of them.

— Pandemic Seascape — inspired by Half Moon Bay

— “To your health” vase with sea shells

— Hawaiian Sun Rays Frame

— Menorah for the age of COVID

Check out those eashells and bolts…collected on my walks on the beach and in town.

— Lovely orange vase # 1 with seashells on driftwood

More to come….

— Mirror with palms that hangs in our bathroom

— Time to climb Health Mountain — time to climb!

Don’t you love that beautiful blue bottle!

— Orange vase # 2 on beach driftwood

— Welcome to the City of Health

— Relaxing in The City of Health (close-up)

Our friend Dave Wilson took many of these photos. Thanks, Dave! Much appreciated.

Enjoy! I hope they bring a smile to your face.


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